Who am I?

I am an Internet entrepreneur, sales video developer, webmaster, podcaster, coach, licensed fishing guide, and work from home dad (phew! that sounds like a lot but it’s true!). I own and operate Cybernetic Media Inc., an Internet development company, and also enjoy helping others discover how they too can utilize the Internet to achieve success.

What do I offer?

Sales Video and Web Development

For over 15 years, I have been focused primarily on the power of marketing with video.  The fact is, that people prefer to be captivated by a well orchestrated video presentation than read pages full of words.  Based on that theory, Cybernetic Media specializes in producing the highest quality marketing and lead capture videos that effectively do the telling and selling for our clients.  We also offer web design, graphic design, and Internet marketing consulting services.  For more information, visit Cybernetic Media Inc.  Additionally, I am in the process of launching SalesVideos.com, a collection of powerful and affordable generic sales videos for use with online marketing for various industries.

A True Home Business Opportunity

As you just read, I have been a service provider to the home business industry, producing high impact sales videos for various products and opportunities. Over the years, I have seen literally hundreds of business opportunities come and go (most of them have gone), so recently when I decided that it was time to start generating some residual income myself, the choice was easy.  For more information and to see if this business concept is a good fit for you, visit my home business opportunity page.

Internet & Coaching

In recent years, I have found myself inadvertently training and coaching others with simple and effective steps that can achieve realistic success on the Internet.  Upon realizing the true value of the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to acquire over my career, I decided to write an eBook titled “8 Essential Steps To Internet Success”.  This eBook contains what I feel are the most essential first steps toward achieving success on the Internet.  I am currently giving away my eBook along with an audio book version (mp3 file), as well as access to a series of easy to follow video tutorials which compliment each chapter.  For more information or to get a copy, visit www.davedoggett.com/ebooks.  Additionally, I post articles in my blog that focus on saving you valuable time and money.

Regional Websites

Here are some successful regional website communities I have created: www.novascotiafishing.com, www.novascotiahunting.com, www.newbrunswickfishing.com, www.newbrunswickhunting.com, www.bayerslakepark.com, and www.burnsidepark.com.

Guided Nova Scotia Fishing

Since the age of sixteen, I have been a licensed Nova Scotia sport fishing guide in my spare time.  I offer half and full day guided fishing adventures for trout, salmon, and bass.  For more information please visit www.novascotiafishingguide.com.